What is an Interfaith Wedding Ceremony?

An interfaith wedding ceremony is a wedding ceremony for people of no faith, with some faith, with different faiths and except the beliefs and traditions of the couple getting married. There is no requirement to join a Group or Organization.

What Can We Have In Our Interfaith Ceremony?

Interfaith Ceremonies can include readings, personal vows, and music from any source – religious or non-religious. Ceremonies can also include gestures such as handfasting, lighting unity candles, rose, wine, breaking of the glass and many others. The focus throughout the ceremony is on the couple and what being together and being married means to them.

What Do I Have To Have In My Interfaith Ceremony?

Interfaith Ceremonies are completely flexible. We do not impose a belief or doctrine, and the Ceremony is created according to the couple’s beliefs and wishes. Except for a few lines required by the State to make sure the ceremony is legally compliant, there is no set format.

What Is The Difference Between A Humanist And Interfaith Ceremony?

Both Humanist and Interfaith Ceremonies offer a high degree of personalization, where you get to choose everything from writing your own vows right down to the location of your ceremony. However, Humanist Ceremonies are completely secular and therefore must not include any form of religious content.

Interfaith Ceremonies meanwhile celebrate all religious beliefs and can contain a mixture of both religious and secular content. Interfaith Ceremonies are the ideal option for couples who want to incorporate a religious blessing or religious ritual into an otherwise secular ceremony.


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