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Supporting healthy marriages from the start

Research indicates that premarital preparation can be an effective strategy in supporting healthy marriage and reducing divorce. To encourage couples to participate in premarital preparation, we include a pre-marriage discussion with our Wedding Ceremony Your Way wedding ceremony packages.

"Plan your marriage as if you are planning to spend the rest of your life together."

Joey Scot

While Joey Scot is an Ordained Officiant and Notary, he does not proclaim to be a Marriage Counselor, Marriage Therapist, Couples Mediator, Marriage Guru, or Religious Preacher. What he does offer is a pre-marriage discussion to increase the chances your marriage will  last a lifetime.

These are some of the things you should be discussing in advance:

  • Relationship GoalsWhy are we getting married?

  • Personal Habits - Physical and mental health histories?

  • Spiritual BeliefsDoes religion play a part in your life?

  • FinancesCan we talk about money?

  • Children - Do you want to have children?

  • Family - What was your childhood like?

  • Sex and Intimacy - Can we talk about sex?

  • Conflict and CommunicationHow will we make decisions together?

He does not tell you what to do, or how to do it. The answers are between just the both of you. These discussions are free of charge and they are strictly on a "what you want to know basis”.

This pre-marriage discussion reveals your areas of compatibility and where you aren't compatible. Learning some of the key concepts in this pre-marriage discussion can help you prevent conflict and build a stronger marriage.

There is also a Florida pre-marriage preparation course that can help you avoid the 3-day waiting period. You will also receive a discount on your marriage license by presenting your approved course certificate to the Clerk when you apply for your marriage license.

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